Bridal Gown Shops Email List And Wedding Dresses Shops Leads Database

Bridal Gown Shops Email List and Wedding Dresses Shops Leads Database

Are you looking to sell or offer your services to wedding dress shops? Are you a wedding dress designer or a wholesaler? Our Bridal Gown Shops Email List will connect you with thousands of bridal gown shops (as well as wedding lingerie boutiques) in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and parts of the world. Ideal for telemarketing, email marketing and social media!


The big day...

It’s no secret that the wedding industry is an extremely lucrative place to be. It’s true what they say, there’s no cost too big when it comes to making your special person feel happy. And the price tag is no exception. With the average wedding dress spend being £1,385 per head in the UK, it’s nearly four times the monthly disposal income of most UK residents.

And did you know, the average cost of a Briton’s big day in the UK is £27,161? That’s more than the cost of a deposit on a new house! When people spend this kind of money on a single day of their lives, it’s no surprise it’s the place to be in the market!

Bridal Gown Shops Email List and Wedding Dresses Shops Leads Database

So how special is the big day?

For the more financially savvy (or the less loved up) – that sum of money can sound extortionate, but many women see the wedding dress as a staple of their big day.

  • Each wedding dress is often unique, tailored around a single person and it allows the bride to express themselves in a way they may never do again.
  • It’ll often be a piece of clothing that will take pride of place after the big day somewhere, filling the couple with happy memories of the day.

So what if you know every provider?

But what would be the use of knowing every bridal gown shop in the entire country? You might think the uses are niche, but this of this!

  • A fashion designer who’s new to the industry. You might just have the dream designs that a store will simply love. After all, many wedding gowns are made to order specially. Who’s to say you couldn’t get a whole bunch of orders from a multitude of places?
  • A wedding planner looking to take control of their setups. Partnering with the providers of wedding essentials maybe cut you a better deal, make you look even more professional by having a partnership, and give the client a better deal. Win-win situation!
  • A clothing wholesaler. While when we think, wedding dresses, it’s not just the dress, but the bridesmaids too! There’s all kinds of market for high end clothes, and you might find a list of very unlikely clients in this B2B Database...

Feast your eyes on our B2B business leads!

So what exactly do you get by purchasing our product?

  • Business names and addresses for every provider of wedding dresses and gowns across the country of your choice!
  • Telephone numbers! Now the best providers are just a simple call away!
  • Email addresses for both businesses and designers tied to the retail outlet. Now you have the best retail listing there is!
  • You’ll find all of the social media you need to discover the best, and worst of the industry.
  • Lots, lots more!

Why choose us?

The simple and honest truth is, we’re the best at what we do. We’ve been employing cutting edge technology, and our time, to meet thousands of gown designers and retailers, collating the very best, up to date information there is. We canvassed those who do it best. Why though? So you won’t have to, of course! Now we’re providing one of the biggest advantages you could possibly want!

And what’s even better is that we’ll keep it updated for the life of your product. And at no extra cost!

So how do you utilise our Wedding Dresses Shops Leads Database?

Wedding Newsletters

People are always looking for new ways to spice up their wedding day. When you’re building up your client base, a newsletter is one of the best ways to communicate. When you’re most likely only going to have one wedding day in your life, if you can offer the way to make it better than all the rest, you can be sure they’ll go for it. Use our drop, drag, and send technology to make an impact quickly!

Wedding Emails

You might just have the next hottest thing in wedding gown design. But how are you going to make all the best outlets take you on, and give you the work to do? By creating a massive email chain of course! When our B2B marketing techniques make it this easy, our business leads can let you get an email to hundreds of potential clients in a minute. When you have that many chances to succeed, its inevitable the sales will come to you!

Good Deals Calling!

Sometimes, you voice can get a good deal across better than any newsletter can. And that’s easy, when you have a direct line to only the best in the business. Persuade them, and tell them using good old fashioned charm why your designs are the best...

Private Weddings?

Now you can find out what the customer are saying about the wedding industry. What they like... and what they hate. You can stay one step ahead when you have the ability to weigh in on all of the discussions going on on social media!

So can the Bridal Gown Shops Email List get any better?

The short answer? No, of course not! We’ve made that even better, but cutting the delivery time of our product by 100%. That’s right, it’s instant! From the moment your payment is processed, you’ll have a digital key which will unlock the entirety of the product.

And to put the cherry on top, we guarantee to keep this product updated on a regular basis with frequent updates to contacts, removing those which are no longer relevant, and adding the newest rising stars. Don’t get caught out by our competitors!

And we’re so confident, why not try our free samples and see what we can do for you?

For those of you who order for European provinces, our B2B products fully comply with GDPR regulations all across the continent, making you conduct your deal breaking in complete safety!